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About us

Barware isn't just a delivery tool for introducing booze to mouth. Yes, that is an important function, but the barware one uses can have a significant impact on one's enjoyment of cocktails, wine, beer or liquor. Epic battle with a cocktail shaker to remove a lid that somehow leaks anyway seldom precedes a grand cocktail experience.

Imagine instead a cocktail shaker that opens with ease but never leaks; easy-to-clean, long lasting and perfectly measured tools; glassware that is designed to aim aromas toward the drinker, open flavors, and explore every possibility within the drink. These tools should look as great as they function. They should be on display proudly, welcoming guests and, even when the guests are gone, beckoning you in for a final indulgence. They should be a part of the celebration - never an afterthought.

This is the experience we strive to give you at Clink Haus. Everything we sell has been well vetted - and we have very high standards.